About me

me banjoMy name is Jon. I’m a painter and writer. In July 2014 my girlfriend and I (Nadene Grey) moved from Brooklyn to Newburgh, NY and bought 45 1/2 Henry Ave. We came for more space to pursue our art practices (we are both painters) and for a change of pace after being in the city for 8+ years. With no prior renovation experience we dove headfirst into a 7,000 square foot Queen Anne Victorian built in 1880, complete with 5 apartments. This blog chronicles our progress (forwards and backwards) as we breathe new life into this house.

For questions feel free to email us.

To check out our art visit www.JonathanBeer.com and www.NadeneGrey.com



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  1. Hi Jon and Nadene,

    Congratulations! I look forward to seeing the progress in your lovely home. My husband (and artist like both of you ) and I are creating a start-up–dwellstead.com. We are creating a sustainable community for artists and freelancers in Newburgh. I would love to connect to share what we are doing. Right now we live in the East Village but we go up there often. I would love to connect.




    • Hi Liz,

      Thank you and thanks for getting in touch! Sorry I’m just getting back to you know. The blog got pushed aside as the reno work kicked off but I am trying to update it with everything thats gone on! Your start up sounds exciting – I read more about it on your website. We’d love to talk more with you – drop me a line at Jon@JonathanBeer.com and we can meet next time you come up.


  2. Hi Jon,
    Congrats on your move and joining the community! Enjoyed your house renovation progress. Just saw a post on Newburgh on the Rise about your art exhibit in Southhampton. I love what I saw, would live to talk to you about showing your work at Space Create, 115 Broadway, Newburgh. It’s a collaborative workspace and we are featuring local artists in our front lounge space.


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