Week Three – August 1

July has turned to August and I’m amazed three weeks has passed at 45 Henry. We have been so busy working on this house and at the same time trying to wrangle contractors, appliance deliveries, new tenants, utility accounts all at once. Every morning we make our list for the day over tea – and I think we are beginning to understand how much we can do in a day.

Work continued on getting the common areas up to par. Revealing the floors from beneath the old vinyl tile, adhesive, and tar paper (the bane of my existence) got put on hold for a days as we refinished the kitchen floor in one of our second floor units. Originally we decided on a painted plywood floor but ran into issues with the adhesive remover not totally drying under the paint! Two steps forward, one step back. With only a few days before our tenant moved in we quickly decided on putting down a single sheet of linoleum and redoing all the cove molding and thresholds. Thankfully my parents were around and we were able to lay it in a single afternoon.
Processed with VSCOcam

But back to those tar-covered floors…good news! We scrapped off all the tile and glue and the floors are ready to be hit with a hardwood prep tool. In a previous post I mentioned that I had hit a brick wall trying to remove the tar, it was very stiff and the worst combination of not brittle or soft, so nearly impossible to just scrape up. After a lot of research I discovered this tool that fits on a buffer available at Home Depot made to remove mastic and glues. Fingers crossed on Monday I’ll have this tool in my hands and soon be tar free! Fingers crossed.

In between working we did some estate sale shopping and exploring around Newburgh. Got some nice shots of this giant bridge (turns out this is the Moodna Viaduct Superstructure, the longest and highest railroad trestle east of the Mississippi River.) And one nice sunrise picture from our roof featured in the header. We also had lunch in historic Kingston and visited Stanz Used Items & Antiques to find a new front door for our apartment. Moodna Viaduct (1 of 1) HDRtist HDR - http://www.ohanaware.com/hdrtist/IMG_1405IMG_1401More to come soon – including my first DIY post.



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  1. Super excited you guys are in Newburgh…and even more excited you have decided to chronicle your progress in a blog! I’ll definitely be a reader!

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