Brooklyn to Newburgh: The first two weeks

How did we hit on Newburgh? To be honest, it started because of Detroit. It was sometime during 2013 that Detroit was getting a lot of press as a city for artists – one where they could afford to live and work in spaces that needed a miracle. The idea of being able to purchase a house or a warehouse for tens of thousands of dollars was very inciting. After weeks of talking non-stop about moving there Nadene had enough. “We aren’t moving to Detroit.”

Those words were what did it. In a dusty corner of my mind, I remembered hearing about Newburgh from a gallerist. We did a little research on a gray January day and soon after that we were coming up every weekend to look at houses. We fell in love right away.

Inside the Arno
Inside the Arno

We had our hearts set on the ‘Arno.’ A 10,000 sq. ft. monster designed by reknowned architect Standford White. After sitting vacant for 3 years it was left with no real mechanicals, lots of water damage, over 40 missing radiators, a room full of thousands of bees, and hardly any copper pipes.

3 months and a few houses later we eventually get in to see 45 Henry. I’m in love with the house almost right away – but Nadene takes a little more convincing. Eventually we decide this is the one and start the process. Our offer was accepted and we closed in July!

Day two found us hard at work, assesing the whole house, discovering more and more we hadnt noticed in during our previous visits. It was pretty overwhelming going from a 400 sq. ft. apartment in Brooklyn to a 7,000 sq. ft. house. We barely even felt like it was ours; transitioning from the mindset of a renter to owner was totally new. The list of things to-do was endless. First was to fix up a vacant one bedroom apartment to rent and give the common spaces new life. At the moment we are refinishing the entire entryway, which means repainting and refinishing the floors and doing a painted plywood floor in the kitchen of our now rented one bedroom. More to come soon as I take pictures between projects.


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  1. Can you include a floor plan to better understand the layout?

    Also, my son Mike is an electrician who lives in Newburgh,if you need one.


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